Richard Apramian

Picture of Giraffe Richard Apramian

RICHARD APRAMIAN was planning to become a doctor, but he’s put off dream so he can help sick and injured people, right now.

Apramian excelled in his studies while he also volunteered as an emergency medical technician, becoming the youngest captain of a New Jersey ambulance service that dates back to 1939. He was right on track for medical school. But then came the coronavirus pandemic, and delayed his studies to work at the ambulance service full time, getting people who fall ill with the virus to the care they need. Of course there are accident victims too, people who fall ill from other diseases, and people who are having violent psychotic incidents.

Apramian is concerned that taking time off the academic track will make it harder for him to get into medical school. But he’s chosen to do what he can, in this crisis that needs all hands on deck, now.