Amye Walker

Picture of Giraffe Amye Walker
Pollution, global warming, the extinction of species—environmental problems can seem so depressing that people just tune out altogether. But not when the Earthwalkers take the stage. Morris and Lynn Walker, their son Skye and daughter Amye, are minstrels, storytellers, and devoted lovers of the planet who deliver a serious message with toe-tapping music, infectious humor, and impeccable style.  The Earthwalkers have performed skits and songs about conservation, recycling, endangered species, river restoration, and healthy lifestyles in thousands of live concerts, radio shows and television productions.
They focus on audiences in schools and colleges all over the country. “That's the reason we've been doing this for over 30 years—it's the kids,” Lynn says. “Kids often influence their parents' environmental choices,” she adds.

Morris and Lynn have been on stage and on the road since 1968; Skye and Amye got into the act as soon as each could shake a tambourine. The entire family gave up the comforts of “normal” life for years, living in a small trailer in campgrounds for months at a time. They often did three or four shows a day.  Skye and Amye had to keep up their homework as well as their showmanship; their parents home-schooled them in the trailer. On top of the discomforts and a constant shortage of money, the Walkers often faced angry opponents to their  environmental message.

The Earthwalkers have turned to broadcasting now, producing a variety of shows and reaching 50 million people a week with “Going Places” on cable TV. Their production, “A Christmas Tree Story,” garnered five national awards.  Were the years in the trailer worth it? Was walking away from careers as professional entertainers a good move? The Walkers give a resounding, “Yes.” “We like what we do and we have a worthwhile goal,” Lynn says.  Morris Walker adds, “We’re showing that a family can work together to fulfill a vision.” Viewers of Going Places and audiences at their live shows seem glad the Earthwalkers have pursued their vision.