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Giraffe trainers and speakers can help you kick-start Giraffe “stand-tall” spirit at your site, guide you through the underlying pedagogy and the lesson plans of Giraffe materials, and show you Giraffe techniques you can apply not only in working with kids, but also in dealing with challenges in your own life. We want to make sure you succeed.

In school districts and at regional gatherings of educators, we deliver interactive, handson trainings, workshops and in-services that ~

~present the power of real heroes’ stories to guide young people’s attitudes and actions
~help you use great story-telling techniques to inspire and inform your students
~show you how action research can help kids find and tell the stories of heroes in their studies and in their communities
~are tailored to the developmental needs of your students
~show you how to guide your students in creating and carrying out service projects that meet real problems they care about, becoming heroic themselves by their actions
~give you the basic tenets of teaching civic engagement, character, and servicelearning.



Patricia Toombs
has done fifteen years as a classroom teacher and fifteen as a school administrator—she knows your world. She holds a BA in anthropology from the University of California, a teaching credential from the University of San Francisco and a Master’s from Western Washington University. Toombs has presented at innumerable national conferences and has conducted workshops on service-learning and civic engagement in venues far and wide. Her career is devoted to bringing forth the inherent goodness of children. Toombs received Washington State’s Golden Apple Award for Educational Leadership.

Kathleen Frazier, the gifted education specialist for the Kent City schools in Ohio, is a long-time trainer for the Giraffe Heroes Program. She’s used the Program in her own classrooms for over a decade, helping students achieve successful service-learning projects on the environment, social and political problems, and on educational issues. Her background includes both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Early Childhood Education and an Education Specialist Degree in Gifted Education and Elementary Education. She has published widely on creativity, problem-solving, and on teaching the gifted. Frazier has been honored as Ohio’s Gifted Teacher of the Year.

Sue Tannehill
(in the hat) is currently teaching high school outside of Buffalo NY, but her decades of teaching experience range from kindergarten through college. She’s a homeschooler of her own two children and an advisor to other home-schooling families. A professional storyteller as well, Tannehill has been a Giraffe Heroes trainer since 1998. Her Bachelor’s degree is from Vassar and she’s earned an MA plus numerous advanced certifications. Her column, “Simple Pleasures,” appears monthly in WNY Family Magazine.


“We could not have been more pleased.” “Teachers loved the day.”
“Your trainer had creative vision, follow-through and organizational skills.”
“Your work with our teachers received high praise.”

“The Giraffe Heroes Program utilizes all the best of modern education—group interaction, consensus, outreach… It’s metaphorically sound. It’s more than community service—it brings out the best side of kids, the side we all need to see.” —Mary White, teacher, Cleveland HS, Seattle

“I’ve looked at other character education programs—a lot of platitudes; they just didn’t wash because the students didn’t live it. The Giraffe Heroes Program has an impact like nothing else does. And it’s not just something they’ve memorized, they are learning to live it. This is powerful, powerful stuff.” —Sandra Barbaro, principal, Fulmar Road Elementary, Mahopac NY

“My students are on fire. After only one lesson there was an enthusiasm I have not seen in them before. They are learning they are community members and have a new sense of belonging because they realize for the first time that their input is valuable—and that someone cares what they think and feel.”—Miley Rose, Special Ed teacher, Oak Harbor WA

The Giraffe Heroes Program correlates with the Search Institute’s 40 Development Assets
and with national academic and service-learning standards.
The costs? Half-day: $1,200. Full-day: $1,800. Travel expenses are additional. Materials are $15 per participant. Fees for keynotes, in-service and consulting are tailored to client needs. We can advise you on finding financial support.


1 Way to Help

You believe in real heroes, right? 
So keep us going!


If you need to know more,
review Giraffe basics.



We now offer you a tool kit you can use to train tomorrow's heroes, in class or after school. (Full info)

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