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Middle-school teachers ~ We’ve got a gift for you.

Our book, It’s Up to Us, gives young teens real heroes*, helps them find meaning in their own lives and guides them through a tested process for creating and carrying out their own service projects.

As Linda Ellerbee of Nick News said in her endorsement, “The message of this book is, quite simply, that it doesn’t matter how young (or how old) you are, you can change the world.”

Now It’s Up to Us is newly born in digital form and you can have the book and its Teacher's Guide right now. Free.

We’ve been in classrooms with our award-winning programs since 1991 so we know our content works. Teachers all over the US and in English-speaking schools abroad have told us that Giraffe materials turn their classes from rooms full of disconnected, uncaring individuals into a community of learners, eager to know all that will help them engage their world as 'Giraffes Heroes' do.

But too many teachers don’t have the money to buy printed materials so we’ve resolved to get all our stuff online asap. If you want to have that powerful, life-changing effect on your students, you should have it, whether you’ve got purchase money or not.

(You’ll need Adobe Reader on your computer to work with our material—it’s a free download. If you don’t already have it, just click to their site and follow the prompts. Then come back and get It’s Up to Us and its Teacher's Guide.)

Now you're ready to download, free, a program that has been used and praised in all 50 states and in English-speaking schools in many nations of the world. We are delighted that we can now provide these materials without the considerable expenses of printing and shipping. In exchange, we ask only that you let us know who and where you are so we have a sense of how the program is spreading, and so we can send you more free stories. Please register, and then download away!

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We will never share your email address and we’ve gone to great lengths to keep hackers from getting in here.

We hope you’ll send us reports of what happens in your classroom when your students Become the Story—

 *(Voices of Hope is for younger teens; Stick Your Neck Out is for advanced teens.)



iutucoverIn classrooms since 1991,
we’ve had plenty of time to
test our ways of teaching
character and service.
As technology changes,
we’re converting our
proven content into
digital forms. Now,
the first downloadable
program is ready for you—
It’s Up to Us, for teens.
And it's free! 
Take a look!.

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The Giraffe Heroes Kit

We now offer you a tool kit you can use to train tomorrow's heroes, in class or after school. (Full info)



Grades K-2 Guide

Stan Tall & Bea Tall, our twin spokesgiraffes 
for the K-2 Giraffe Heroes Program 
have some bad news and some good news. 
First—the K-2 is no longer for sale in print. 
And here’s the good news—
The entire K-2 program will soon be a free download!
Lesson plans, videos, audio tracks, dozens of stories, 
printable handouts, correlations, & links to resources—
it will all be in a free download to your computer.
We’re working as fast as we can to complete the conversion.
If you’d like to be notified when it goes online,
email us, we’ll make sure you get the word.

Grades 3-5 Guide

Out of print

Grades 6-9 Guide

The Giraffe Heroes Program
for your 6-9 students

Voices of Hope

Service-Learning Guide


Student Anthology