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Thank you for spotting a risk-taker for the common good, and for caring enough to complete a sighting report. To learn more about our criteria for choosing Giraffes, please read Criteria for Giraffedom on our web site. If your nominee is commended as a Giraffe, you will receive copies of the announcement letter and of the commendation itself. (* = required fields)

Nominee’s name: *
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1. What has the nominee done for the common good? *
2. How long has the nominee been doing this? *
3. What did the nominee risk as a result of his/her actions for the common good? Please provide anecdotes that will help the jury evaluate the risk— the most common reason nominations have failed in the past is that the jury hasn’t seen a risk in the information. For example: Has your nominee stood up for the common good against powerful opponents, angry neighbors or coworkers? Could s/he have been fired or his/her livelihood otherwise endangered? Was there physical danger or threats? Did the nominee endanger his/her health? Did his/her actions cause a wrenching and unwelcome change of lifestyle? If the risk has been time or money, please be as specific as you can about the percentage of the nominee’s time or income that is involved. *
4. If the actions for which you are nominating this person are part of his/her paid employment, please tell us how the acts go significantly beyond the job description.
5. If your nominee, in the course of serving the common good, created a new organization which now pays him/her, how many years or months did he/she need to work without a paycheck?
6. If the nominee has committed civil disobedience, what laws were broken and why?
7. If your nominee has sued or is suing a person or an institution, please give details. If the litigation involved/involves significant award (for instance for damages) please tell us how such an award was or is planned to be spent.

8. Who else knows your nominee’s story? (At least two such references are needed)

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Upload additional information about the nominee that you feel would support this nomination. Newspaper articles are particularly helpful. (maximum upload size is 2000kb)
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