For Kids Only

If you're over 12, go away. This area of Giraffe is for kids only.

Special exemption: If you're an adult accompanied by a kid, OK, you can come in.

Here's what's in Giraffe Kids' territory, so far:

  • Stan & Bea's Tall Tales ~ Two stories of how the giraffe got its long neck, told by Stanley and Beatrice Tall, our twin giraffe mascots. Read their stories on screen and listen to them on your speakers.

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Kids' Gallery

phoca_thumb_l_crumbley 10_1.jpg

Brenna Christie, the guidance counselor at Tattnall Square Academy in Macon, Georgia, wrote us to say that Tattnall kids who did the Giraffe Heroes Program were being brave and compassionate all over the place.

She sent us illustrations that Tattnall students have done for Stan & Bea's stories.

Here's a gallery of their drawings ~