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Grades K-2

Stan Tall & Bea Tall, our twin spokesgiraffes 
for the K-2 Giraffe Heroes Program 
have some bad news and some good news. 
First—the K-2 is no longer for sale in print. 
And here’s the good news—
The entire K-2 program will soon be a free download!
Lesson plans, videos, audio tracks, dozens of stories, 
printable handouts, correlations, & links to resources—
it will all be in a free download to your computer.
We’re working as fast as we can to complete the conversion.
If you’d like to be notified when it goes online,
email us, we’ll make sure you get the word.


Grades 3-5 is Out of print


Grades 6-9...$195



Voices of Hope

Click here for info about Voices of Hope





Voices of Hope
Service-Learning Guide...$21.95


Student Anthology...$12.95



Stick Your Neck Out — A Street-Smart Guide
to Creating Change in Your Community and Beyond

Click here for info about Stick Your Neck Out.


Filled with practical tips and inspiring examples of real people, this book provides the missing link between ideals and action. Author John Graham draws on his own extensive experiences as an activist and negotiator, as well as on the experiences of many others who have brought about positive change.   ...$14.95





Here's a workbook you can use to guide your students through Stick Your Neck Out.
It includes worksheets you can photocopy and distribute as needed, so one copy will be enough for any size class... $12.95

1 Way to Help

You believe in real heroes, right? 
So keep us going!


If you need to know more,
review Giraffe basics.



We now offer you a tool kit you can use to train tomorrow's heroes, in class or after school. (Full info)

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A sheet of 18 Giraffe Stickers $10


Pin on Giraffe

Campaign buttons

10 for $5
(sold in sets of ten)


Wear Giraffe

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